UI/UX case study: Habitat for Humanity

For large organizations like Habitat for Humanity there are many  complexities that go into volunteer management. There are many moving parts that need dedication, time, and attention. The implementation of this online community is the first step towards alleviating some of the over extension for them. 


The Challenge/ Defining the Problem

Simply put Habitat needs a way to engage volunteers on an ongoing basis and gain consistency with program management. With their prior setup these tasks consumed the vast majority of their attention. More than 75% of their time is devoted to the implementation of our HFHI programs with very little time focused on supporting the general volunteer needs of the global mission. 


Defining the Key Pain Points

One of the major pain points that needed addressed is the inefficient management of volunteers which turns people off to the experience. Volunteerism has become increasingly common due to lack of deeper context and no way for those who are dedicated to be recognized.



Temperance Brennan

University of Utah alumni (previously was the Collegiate Challenge (CC) Team Lead at University of Utah for a trip that occurred in November 2010 at the Kansas City Affiliate) and is now the Executive Director of the Salt Lake City affiliate. She has a recurring monthly $50 donation set up.


User Stories

Scenario 1 - Event Registration, Fee Payment, Messaging, Fundraising

Temperance is excited, decides to become a sponsor for a team with a $100 payment to help with the registration fee and tweets about it. While she is at the constituent engagement page, she signs up for the newsletter and updates her interest areas, including wanting to know more about GV trips and Women’s Build events.



Temperance wants to be more active in the community and support others that are interested in helping too. She feels the best way she can give is through fundraising efforts. She wants to say in the know after making her donation so she can see her impact on the team she has supported. 


empathy map





Primary typeface


SEcondary Typeface


Color Palette

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 8.53.50 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 8.55.17 PM.png


Wireframes showing the home, events, and stories pages

Wireframes showing the home, events, and stories pages


Execution/Design Solution

The final site for the Americorps community. This is the first out of 8 sites that will be part of the ecosystem.

The final site for the Americorps community. This is the first out of 8 sites that will be part of the ecosystem.


Mobile layouts



There are many take aways here but the most important is that Habitat is a great organization with a mission to help others. They needed a little help themselves so they can continue to focus on what allows them to be such a great resource to communities around the world. They face a lot of challenges managing all that goes into their programs but build these online communities for them will enable them to relive those pain points and focus on growing their mission.