"An illustration is a visual editorial - it's just as nuanced. Everything that goes into it is a call you make: every color, every line weight, every angle."

Charles M. Blow




 This was one of the most fun projects I have ever worked on. I created an illustrated guidebook/interactive travel journal to accompany travelers and educate them on the etiquette of the country they are visiting. I established a brand system and produced other assets that pull from the books content to create a gallery display. For the gallery display, I focused heavily on visual merchandising. I made two shelves, a poster frame, lighting displays, a greeting card holder, and custom wall pegs. I pulled from the guidebook and printed the illustrations I created on a tote bag,  a custom tag, a greeting card, and a large poster. All of these elements were meant to be supporting pieces to round out the overall display and experience of interacting with the printed material in the gallery. 

Project Scope

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Illustration, Printing, Woodwork, Construction, Bookbinding, Layout


This client came to me with a brand new company and no logo or brand assets. They had a name selected but no ideas for the visuals that would represent them. I worked with them through ideation and various iterations of sketches before selecting a final design direction. Once the theme was chosen I mocked up three distinct possible outcomes all ranging in detail and complexity. This was the final design that was picked by the client. It is fierce and bold just like the personality of the company. The logo itself is grayscale so they can use it in a variety of setting and not have the colors clash. 

Project Scope





These posters are a creative asset used for the themed birthday parties that the Thinkery hosts for children. The themes include space, science, robots, and dinosaurs. The style I selected was bold and colorful. I chose to stick with the colors established within the brand and keep each poster to four colors in order to have a reoccurring theme and make it a bit more of a challenging project. Each poster varies in style according to the theme, and embedded in each poster is the name of the theme. The Thinkery logo is also incorporated into each in various ways that tie it into the art. I went through each poster individually and sketched and iterated until I felt a good flow through the piece. Only after that entire poster was finished did I move on to the next. 

Project Scope

Art direction, Illustration